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About Titan AHT Australia

Titan had its humble beginnings manufacturing Hydraulic equipment for local business and Industry more than 20 years ago. Titan Front End Loaders in particular are still an important part of the Titan story and they are forever utilising the latest technology available on improving processes and the final product to the end user.

Titan ventured into the much specialised area of manufacturing Semi Racing Car trailers some years ago with their main focus on the special and sometimes unique requirements by their customers.

Titan is now a key part of the BurderGroup which manufacture a large range of products for a number of industries which are distributed Australia wide. The BurderGroup of Companies with Titan now employ in excess of 70 employees and take great satisfaction in their can do attitude and foster a culture of pride throughout their organisation.

While Australian Manufacturing in general seems to be under pressure the BurderGroup has grown from strength to strength by reinvesting in their people and constantly looking to improve.

AHT's can do attitude fits very well within the Titan/BurderGroup culture and we look forward to finding solutions for our clients in the tailgate loader / lifter industry.


About AHT-MHW Austria

AHT-MHW is one of the world's most successful producers of hydraulic equipment including tailgate loaders / lifters. They are a leader in the production of High-Tech quality mobile hydraulics.

MHW (Modulhydraulk Weber & Weber, GnbR) was founded in 1985 in a small village in Austria and has grown to be a worldwide organisation. They produce Hydraulic Power Packs, Zero-Leakage Cartridge Valves, All-Aluminium Cylinders and a wide range of hydraulic components for the Mobile Hydraulic Industry.

AHT, (Aluhebetechnik, GmbH,) was founded in 1989. They produce All-Aluminium and Steel Tailgate Loaders and Wing bodies. A large amount (85%) of AHT-MHW production is exported to the world market. Their export markets are mainly Australia, Japan, USA, South Africa, EU and other Asian countries. Being a worldwide exporter of Hydraulic equipment means they have to be at the forefront of industry requirements and Australia with its diverse and challenging environment requires only the best products will be suited to our unique Australian conditions.

They have being finding solutions to the Australian tailgate loaders for many years and take a tremendous amount of pride with their results here. Their engineers and technicians are challenged daily to come up with new solutions in a fast changing marketplace. There are OHS concerns about safety for the operator, machinery and instruments, the industry demands easier, operating systems  and as the life span of the aluminium cylinder is much longer than conventional steel cylinders these are all important factors when choosing the correct tailgate loader.

Over the last 20 years their engineers have created many, future oriented products, covering more than 60 worldwide patents. The use of High-Strength Aluminium, often sea water resistant, has lead to a better design of their hydraulic products for the world market.

Total weight and dimensions have been reduced without compromising operation. Their products have become extremely light and small. This gives AHT customers a huge advantage in longer-life and smaller products, with the highest functionality and with lower maintenance costs.

Most of their products are designed and produced as a special customer request. Staff are highly trained professionals designing and producing products that meet customer's needs.

Just in time delivery is their focus and with Titan as their Australian distributor, along with perfected coordinated production schedules permit short delivery times and consistently high quality products.

AHT are proud to be associated with Titan for national distribution and look forward to continuing their long relationship with the Australian Tailgate loader market.

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